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Omega changes name to Omega 365

Omega has changed its name to Omega 365, securing global brand consistency and welcoming a new era in the company’s history. 

Picture of Lauren McPherson Simonsen, Sigmund Lunde, Petter Aalvik, Kjell Tore Helgeland, and Karina Hovden Stava.
Omega’s Corporate Management Team is welcoming a new era in the organization's history with a name change to Omega 365. From left: Lauren McPherson Simonsen, Sigmund Lunde, Petter Aalvik, Kjell Tore Helgeland, and Karina Hovden Stava.

The global provider of project management software, project personnel, and tailored solutions, announced today that it has changed its name to Omega 365.

Global brand consistency

Omega’s name change will allow the company to ensure brand consistency amongst its 22 national and international subsidiaries, the large majority of which will take on the Omega 365 name immediately. The move to Omega 365 also allows all Omega companies to align their brand with the Omega Group’s web presence at

The name change formally welcomes a new phase in the company’s over 30-year history, whilst also assisting in differentiating the brand from other unrelated organizations and products.

“The launch of Omega 365 represents an investment in the future that carries with it the importance of our past. The 365 element is obviously a nod to our software solutions, but above all 365 means for us ‘everyone, everywhere, all the time’,” explains Lauren McPherson Simonsen, Corporate Communications Manager.

“We have always prided ourselves on meeting the needs of our clients, consultants, and stakeholders on their terms, when and where they have needed us. We have started companies on the other side of the world based on this commitment. Now, this solution orientation is also reflected in our name in a clear manner.”

Thirty years as Omega

Launching under the name of Futura Datasenter AS in 1987, the company recently celebrated having operated under the Omega name for 30 years. A wide cross section of the Omega community in Norway and around the world has been involved in the consideration of a name change. The overriding consensus was that the new name needed to contain ‘Omega’ and the heritage of values the brand already represents.

“Omega’s mission is to build value for our clients, their projects, and our people. We believe there was, and is, a great deal of value in the Omega brand, and whilst it was time for renewal, it was also imperative that we took that value with us on our journey moving forward,” says CEO, Petter Aalvik.

“With the Omega 365 name we have the opportunity to optimize the value of the Omega we know, whilst also fully embracing our global reach, diversity, and the extent of our service.”

Name change overview

Existing company name
New company name
Omega Admin AS Omega 365 Admin AS
Omega PS Australia Pty Ltd Omega 365 Australia Pty Ltd
Omega Project Solutions Canada Inc
Omega 365 Canada Inc
Omega CS AS Omega 365 Consulting AS
Omega PS Denmark AS
Omega 365 Denmark AS
Omega Design AS
Omega 365 Design AS
Omega France SARL Omega 365 France SARL
Omega Hus AS
Omega 365 Hus AS
UAB Omega Technology
Omega 365 Lithuania UAB
Omega Property AS Omega 365 Property AS
Omega PS AS Omega 365 Solutions AS
Omega PS Singapore Pte Ltd Omega 365 Singapore Pte Ltd
Kvassen PS Sweden AB
Omega 365 Sweden AB
Omega PS UK Ltd
Omega 365 UK Ltd
Omega Project Solutions Inc.
Omega 365 USA Inc