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We are in the process of developing our very own User Community! As soon as we can, we want to enable our new and existing clients and users to be the first to learn about upcoming updates to our software, latest product news, and gain access to useful resources.

This will be a place to see how Omega 365’s products are used on other projects, and discuss topics important to you in our forums. Connect with our Experts and get tips and help to enhance your Omega 365 experience.

Inside News

New season with Omega 365 Friday

Omega 365 Solutions is starting a new season of their YouTube series, Omega 365 Friday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications to stay updated on our upcoming events.


Check out our YouTube channel and watch our “Omega Friday”-series where we focus on how you can use Omega 365 to organize yourself, your team and your projects.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications to stay updated on our upcoming events.

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In Omega 365 Docs we have gathered procedures, userguides and other relevant documentation for our products.

Go to Omega 365 Docs to find information regarding a theme you want to know more about.

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Our Omega Advantage program is a unique program offering our employees local get-togethers, international team building trips, and a wide range of holiday accommodation available for use close to home and abroad. All employees in Omega 365 and Omega 365's subsidiary companies earn Advantage points, which can be used to sign up for team events or to book accommodation.

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Client Stories

The new Stavanger University Hospital

Sykehusbygg, the national agency for expertise in hospital planning and construction, and their Stavanger University Hospital building project in Stavanger was one of our first pilot projects when adapting Pims to clients in the construction sector.

The construction of Norway's new National Museum

Statsbygg utilized our products in the construction of the new National Museum in Oslo, which will be the largest art museum in the Nordic countries when it opens in 2022.

Johan Sverdrup – Norway's third largest oil field

Our products was used in the hook-up process of the Johan Sverdrup oil field – one of the most important industrial projects in Norway for the next 50 years.

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Completion Management Introduction

World-wide proven tool that is flexible enough to fit any handover strategy, easy to use, and will enable you to verify and track progress of your project

Document Management Introduction

Process project documentation efficiently from submittal, through review and approval to distribution. With Document Control, you can control project documents according to requirements and standards, ensure that requirements are met, and sustain the workflow in the project.

Cost Management Introduction

Cost Management will help to forecast, understand, and constructively influence time and cost outcomes of a project.