Stavanger, NO


Picture of the Stavanger office

(Photo: Seabrokers)

Omega 365’s Stavanger office provides software solutions, consultancy services, and Subsea services to a wide range of clients worldwide.

The Stavanger office was established as Omega 365’s second office in 2001, positioning the company in the oil and gas capital of Norway. Until 2012, most of Omega 365's consultant business was largely administered from the head office in Ølensvåg. Following the strong growth of consultancy assignments in Stavanger, the office established its own consultants management team.

Today, more than 100 consultants are on assignment in the Stavanger region for clients such as Equinor, ConocoPhillips, Aibel, Gassco, Fabricom, Eni Norge, Talisman, BP, Total, Shell, Talisman, Apply Sørco, and Subsea7.

The Stavanger office holds a large team of software developers, serving a large selection of clients in different industries, both from nearby clients in the oil and gas sector, as well as other global companies in the energy sector.

In 2014, Omega 365 launched its Subsea effort, becoming the majority stakeholder of Accpron Subsea, renamed Omega Subsea. Today, we provide subsea services from Stavanger, Bergen, and Aberdeen.

Key contacts

Kristin Jæger

Project Consultants Manager

Øystein Omdahl

Project Consultants Manager

Jakob Henrik Nilsen

Department Manager

Håvard Matre

Department Manager

Håvard Lea Olsen

Department Manager

Håvard Ravatn

Department Manager

Arild Røksund

Department Manager

Per Olav Stenberg

Department Manager

Jan Leon Sandslett

Department Manager

Trygve Ålbotsjord

Department Manager

Omega Subsea

Øyvind Lunde

Branch Manager