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Omega 365 Areal provides a wide range of services within architecture and engineering, including analyzing, planning, engineering, and follow-up, throughout the construction process. They work closely with both public and private clients in Norway and has, in recent years, secured contracts with most of the municipalities in the Sunnhordland and Haugaland regions of Norway, in addition to holding major roles in construction projects. Omega 365 Areal has close to 50 employees who are based at their offices in Ølensvåg, Stord, Haugesund, and Bergen.

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Omega 365 Design develops targeted solutions for digital and printed surfaces, for clients based mainly in Norway. Omega 365 Design’s work includes website development, strategic communications consulting for clients large and small, graphic design services, and app development. Omega 365 Design also provides filming and streaming services. They have over 17 employees and is located in Ølensvåg (Norway), in addition to branch offices in Sand, Sauda and Haugesund (Norway).

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Omega Subsea delivers quality personnel to the global oil and gas, renewables, and decommissioning industry sectors. They have in recent years grown in number of consultants and now stands out as one of the leading suppliers of services for project management and onshore/offshore staffing, especially regarding ROV, inspection and marine/subsea operations. The Omega Subsea team works from Omega 365’s offices in Bergen, Stavanger, and Aberdeen.

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Software Solutions

Omega 365 has a long history of providing the project management tool Pims, to clients in the oil and gas sector. In recent years, we have invested heavily in the public sector and gained a solid foothold in the construction and infrastructure industry. Pims supports the entire project lifecycle, with separate products designed to support project areas such as completion, document management, cost control, risk, and HSE. We also offer custom software development.

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Project personnel

Omega 365 Consulting assists clients by providing personnel to projects in sectors such as oil and gas, energy, infrastructure and buildings, and more, in Norway and around the world. They deliver project personnel within areas of expertise such as engineering, IT, project management, construction, infrastructure, subsea, and maritime operations. For delivery of IT, subsea, and maritime personnel Omega 365 Consulting works closely with Omega 365 Solutions and Omega Subsea. Omega 365 Consulting has approximately 600 consultants currently on assignment and are located at Omega 365’s offices in Stavanger, Ølensvåg, Oslo, and Bergen.

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Omega 365 Protek is a complete supplier of services within project execution and can deliver services to all sectors and phases in a project life cycle. This can include studies, detailed engineering, project implementation, project management or customized roles in the customer's project. With a goal of further developing sustainable deliveries, the departments in Ølensvåg, Haugesund, and Sauda work to strengthen Omega 365 Protek’s position as a total supplier within project services.

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IT consulting

Omega 365s IT consulting is focused on recruiting, training, and delivering skilled IT personnel to Omega 365’s clients. Our IT consulting personnel support clients in projects and with the implementation of Omega 365’s project management tool, Pims. In recent years, the department has grown to include 34 people, where 32 are on assignment for different clients. The IT consulting department works from Omega 365’s offices in Stavanger and delivers personnel to clients across Norway.

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HMSREG provides an information system that allows for the systematic control and follow-up of suppliers and crew on construction sites. The system provides a complete overview of the supply chain, access to digital crew lists, and the ability to validate HSE cards and send invitations to new suppliers. HMSREG helps builders and contractors work together to secure a safe, compliant, and trustworthy construction industry, supporting goal number 8 in UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The system was developed by Omega in 2015, in close cooperation with the Oslo municipality. In 2020, Omega and Swedish company Infobric AB established HMSREG as a company. HMSREG has 12 employees and works from Omega 365's offices in Ølensvåg (HQ) and Oslo.

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