Team organization fosters growth

Omega 365 Consulting has organized itself into several smaller teams, primarily to provide department managers with smaller forums for discussing their challenges and opportunities.

Published: 19. April 2024
From left to right: Department Manager Jorunn Wathne Løhaugen, General Manager Leon Dyngeland, Department Manager Terje Aarekol, and Department Manager Aslaug Østrem Nesheim.

Terje Aarekol leads the team based in Oslo. Alongside Jorunn Wathne Løhaugen, Aslaug Østrem Nesheim, and Leon Dyngeland, he forms the company's team leader group. Although Dyngeland serves as the General Manager, major decisions within the company are reached collaboratively by the team leader group.

“It's helpful to have a variety of perspectives within our group to discuss and find effective solutions for the company. We see ourselves as service-oriented individuals, focused on enabling everyone to do their best work,” Aarekol explains.

Provides new arena

The team leaders are responsible for managing the personnel within their respective groups of department managers. These department managers, in turn, oversee the consultants in the company.

“This organization reflects the genuine Omega spirit, emphasizing a flat structure where everyone's visibility and voice are valued. Our department managers are highly skilled; we simply offer a platform for them to address any current issues they wish to discuss,” says Aarekol, who has been part of the Omega system for 17 years and is well acquainted with the culture.

“We could have had many top executives, lawyers, and others to assist us. Instead, we have a structure where top management is also involved in our production. We try to create space for those who want responsibility and provide opportunities for those who desire it. I am committed to everyone on our team getting a chance to shine; it's important that we see the results that are created,” believes Aarekol, who is also a department manager in Consulting in addition to his duties as team leader.

“We hold team meetings every week, as well as joint meetings where we can address broader topics,” Løhaugen explains.

Aims to motivate

“One major advantage of the teams is that we can create motivation and provide department managers with a place where they feel a sense of belonging,” says Nesheim, who leads the team in Bergen and serves as the department manager in Business Support.

“When we have larger meetings, we often find that not everyone gets a chance to speak, and that many may not share thoughts and ideas. Being recognized and heard as department managers, also helps increase engagement in the job, I believe,” she says.

She notes that there is a lot of activity in the Bergen region, with an increase in employees and particularly promising potential in new client groups.

“We are currently recruiting new department managers in May, which is exciting. Additionally, there is a lot happening on the client front. While the energy sector is prominent in Bergen, as it is across the country, we are also expanding our focus to include new industries and aim to establish connections with more local clients.”

Nesheim joined Omega 365 in 2006 and has witnessed rapid development over the years. She has consistently worked in Business Support, including overseeing the Advantage program, which enables all employees to utilize points for participating in trips, events, or renting cabins both domestically and internationally.

“The most significant development over these years has likely been the expansion of the consultancy business. The growth we've experienced up to today is quite impressive,” she concludes.

New solutions

Omega 365 Consulting has recently made substantial investments in the office in Haugesund, recognizing the potential in the Haugaland region. This summer, the branch office will officially open, and team leader Løhaugen can celebrate the results of the growth efforts. She is also clear on the purpose of the team division.

“Having grown significantly over many years, our meetings eventually became overcrowded. Discussing individual cases, clients, or specific challenges there became impractical. Instead, we now address these in team meetings, allowing us to tailor our sales efforts to each individual city.”

“We hold team meetings every week, as well as joint meetings where we can address broader topics. We also benefit greatly from the exchange of experiences during these team meetings. New ideas are always welcomed and help us think in new ways and discover different solutions,” she explains. She also emphasizes the importance of various teams communicating updates from the main office in Ølensvåg.

“It's crucial to maintain a strong flow of information, especially when we bring in new clients,” says Løhaugen, highlighting the strength of the energy and industrial sectors at the Haugesund office. She mentions a recent gathering for consultants who had been on assignments at Boliden in Odda.

The team leaders are responsible for managing the personnel within their respective groups of department managers. These department managers, in turn, oversee the consultants in the company.

Looking towards new industries

Leon Dyngeland holds multiple roles within the organization, serving as the department manager, team leader for the Stavanger office, and the managing director. He is pleased with the natural leadership team within the organization, which collaboratively makes decisions alongside him in his role as managing director.

“We found the need for smaller venues to foster learning from each other, share experiences, and provide more targeted feedback. Simultaneously, we aim to highlight potential candidates and clients in the cities where we establish offices.”

“Of course, it also simplifies my job when each team leader holds significant responsibility,” Dyngeland explains, noting Omega 365 Consulting's goals of surpassing 1 000 employees, achieving a turnover of NOK 2 billion, expanding internationally, and exploring new markets.

“We have a strong presence in oil and gas, as well as in green and alternative energy sources. Additionally, we are expanding our focus to include land-based industries. Being an effective team leader with us requires forward-thinking, while upholding the Omega values that are fundamental to our success.”

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