Project Management

Project Management is a central discipline in Omega 365, and was the area where the company’s knowledge and expertise was first expanded on, through large projects within the oil and gas industry in Norway. Omega 365 has built on this experience and continues to grow a solid base of personnel across all disciplines and phases of Project Management.

Since Omega was established in 1994, the areas of project management and project completion have been focal areas for the company. Working with large projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, such as the Edvard Grieg and Johan Sverdrup projects, Omega 365 has gained unique knowledge and experience in project management.

The passion to follow projects from beginning to end stands strong with Omega 365’s Project Personnel. Omega 365 offers project personnel across all Project Management categories. Our project personnel sees the value in the projects they get to work on, and respects the scale and time frame of the intended projects.

Omega 365's HSE and QA policies ensure that our personnel is dedicated to manage and complete the projects they get to take part in. Our project personnel and our Department Managers continually learn from our work with large projects within different sectors. Our skilled personnel has therefore the opportunity to further develop their knowledge with every project they are assigned to, which contributes to build a solid and diverse portfolio.

Areas of expertise