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Enable digital representation and management of an asset across its lifecycle.

By managing the entire collaboration and coordination process in a single solution, Omega 365 and BIM reduces rework, improves overall quality and provides you full control.

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Interactive 2D map

By utilizing data-driven visualisations we are able to create rich interactive 2D maps, specific to each discipline

Data connected 3D viewer

One single source of truth for data across the project lifecycle. Connected to all project and asset data in Omega 365; Activities, Schedule, Cost, Risk, Documents, Workflows


Multi-discipline collaboration across geo-dispersed teams. Everyone on a team knows where the data resides

How to find it, Up-to-date information, where project data is at the center of the process and delivered to the point of work, makes workflows more efficient and effective, especially combined with the representational, analytic, and reality capture capabilities in the BIM viewer.


Manage the entire lifecycle of an asset, from capital planning, procurement, installation, performance, maintenance, compliance, risk management, through to asset disposal.

Introduction to BIM

Next generation BIM

Insight into our next generation BIM

Introduction to BIM

Demo and introduction to BIM in Omega 365

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