Completion Management

Flexible tool enabling smooth and timely handovers

World-wide proven tool that is flexible enough to fit any handover strategy, easy to use, and will enable you to verify and track progress of your project

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The goal of Completion Management is to quality assure that the customer gets the product quality that is ordered in a structured manner and according to plan.

To achieve this goal it is important to establish a common strategy for testing and hand-over at an early phase of the project. This will enable smooth and timely handovers of pre-defined packages, securing that the transfer of scope between the construction, commissioning, and operation runs smoothly.

When the scope is broken down into manageable commissionable packages, the completion process will support progressive verification of physical progress in-line with the installation.

In connection with guarantee cases, the solution will offer full traceability on installation and testing, from the total project to each individual checklist.

The software is designed to manage this completion handover process from supplier, through fabrication and installation, to finally ending up at the operator.

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Bane NOR – putting Norway on rails

Bane NOR's mission is to ensure accessible railway infrastructure with efficient and user-friendly services. We have provided consultancy services and Omega products to their projects for several years.

The construction of Norway's new National Museum

Statsbygg utilized our products in the construction of the new National Museum in Oslo, which will be the largest art museum in the Nordic countries when it opens in 2022.

Completion Mobile app and Status Reporting

Curious about the latest features in our Completion Management product? Tune in on this video for 30 minutes of updates on our completion mobile app, and learn how you can customize the Status Reporting feature.

Commissioning procedures

Commissioning procedures combines the latest status from the database with written procedures. Completion of commissioning activities can be done using tablets in the field, enabling both progress reporting and increasing the visibility of field execution.

Procedures can combine various information and reports such as lists and descriptions of prerequisites, inline reports, activity lists, checklists, and other attachments.


Completion Management allows users to enable and follow up preservation programs when equipment arrives at site.

A suite of preservation checklists are included as part of the system.

Produce weekly work list, report findings, and report preservation status.


Supporting the handover of single, multiple or part, on all levels like projects, systems, subsystems, MC Packages, and Tags. Handovers can be performed electronically with notification for each party involved in the approval process or the Handover can by performed in hard copy.

The system will help you with generating the handover documentation and can include:

  • Certificates
  • Handover checklists
  • Reports (e.g. outstanding punch)
  • Drawings and documents
  • Checklists with attachments
  • Additional attachments

Introduction to Completion Management

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