Contract Management

Manage your contract commitments

The Pims Contract Management module registers, maintains and follows up project commitments such as contracts, sub-contracts, purchase orders, frame agreements and call offs.

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Within a project it is important to get an overview of all your contracts and information within the contracts. Contract Management gives you this overview. With all this information systemized the project gets a unique control of the categorized commitments, variations to the contracts, contract milestones and implementation plans and actuals for the contracts.

With this module in addition to the Cost Management module you will both get a project overall overview and the details for each of the contracts in the project.

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The new Stavanger University Hospital

Sykehusbygg, which is the national agency for expertise in hospital planning and construction, and their Stavanger University Hospital building project in Stavanger, was one of our first pilot projects when adapting Pims to clients in the construction sector.

The construction of Norway's new National Museum

Statsbygg utilized our products in the construction of the new National Museum in Oslo, which will be the largest art museum in the Nordic countries when it opens in 2022.

Contract forecast and commitments breakdowns

By tracking contract forecast and all the commitments it will build a good foundation for your overall project forecast. Procurement and cost engineers can work together in the same system to both control commitments and the funding of each commitment.

Track cost and progress plans and actuals for the contracts

With the contractor plans and actuals the project can control and ensure expected progress and cost. Any deviations to the plan can be identified early and countered with mitigating actions.

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