Document Management

Streamline project documentation and workflow

Control project documents according to requirements and standards and ensure that requirements are met.

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Process project documentation efficiently from submittal, through review and approval to distribution.

With Document Control, you can control project documents according to requirements and standards, ensure that requirements are met, and sustain the workflow in the project.

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Commencing on a renewable project?

Philip Davies from LIC Engineering shares his experiences utilizing Omega Pims DCS when working on windfarm projects.

The construction of Norway's new National Museum

Statsbygg utilized our products in the construction of the new National Museum in Oslo, which will be the largest art museum in the Nordic countries when it opens in 2022.

Increased registration of LCI

With a simple change of focus, from documentation to equipment, Omega has significantly increased clients’ registrations of Life Cycle Information (LCI).

Be in control of all project documents

  • Control documents according to requirements and standards (e.g. ISO, Norsok)
  • Ensure life cycle information (LCI) requirements are met
  • Efficient process from submittal, through review and approval, to distribution
  • Interface with contractors and suppliers via the web
  • Automate document numbering based on project-defined procedures
  • A user-friendly and powerful search engine
  • Use predefined templates, e.g. Norsok, for numbering procedures and document coding

Run Document Control in the Cloud

  • Access to the application without the burden of maintaining a distributed computing environment
  • No need to deploy the application to a DMZ for contractor access
  • Excellent alternative to consider if managing servers, infrastructure, and software is more than you want to take on

Introduction to Pims Document Control

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