Interface Management

Define, track and resolve all interfaces in the project

Identify and implement interface solutions for ideal information sharing and control. Ensure all processes are followed up in a timely and efficient manner with the integrated workflow feature.

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Interface Management will proactively identify issues before they become a problem, by enabling the right people to become engaged in dialogue to identify and implement the best interface solutions which meet the project objectives.

Successful Interface Management is the exchange of the “right information” at the “right time” in a controlled manner.

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Pims in the Johan Sverdrup Project

"It was essential to have the digital portal for the hook-up work. Then we were able to present that for the contractors, so that they were using our tool to plan, make the work orders, and to do all the work in our system."

Karl Inge Ulveseth, Hook-up manager for the Johan Sverdrup Project

Successful Interface Management leads to a more predictable outcome

Good Interface Management will enable good Project Management, i.e. successful HSE, Cost, Schedule, and Risk Management. Interface Management helps track all Interface Points and Interface Requests between contractors and internal departments and ensures that processes are followed up correctly and efficiently with configurable workflow.

An intuitive web-based solution that simplifies processes

  • Minimize user training by using the intuitive web-based user interface
  • Send email notifications to users regarding upcoming actions
  • Drill-down Dashboards to help management track project status
  • Maintain a zero footprint - no software installation required for normal users

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