Quality Management

Ensure quality and compliance in your organization and projects

The Quality Management system will help you ensure compliance with standards and regulation, and meet internal and external requirements.

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Quality Management is used to organize and perform activities to direct and control an organization with regards to quality.

Quality planning is providing a direction, assigned with roles and responsibilities, on how quality will be ensured for the business case. The plan is a result of the identify quality requirements, and Quality Management is used to manage the outcome such as activities, responsibilities, and deliverables required to meet the requirements, as well as documenting how quality and compliance will be assured.

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Celebrating the opening of Johan Sverdrup field

The completion of Johan Sverdrup phase 1 is a complex job that requires interaction across many disciplines and departments. Omega provided the project with a digital project arena for interaction based on experiences from previous projects.

Risk and Quality Management now on web

What's new and what's coming on our Risk and Quality Management products? Product owner for Risk Management, Håvard Matre, takes us through completed and planned updates on the products.

Organize your project and involved personnel

Provide a tool for the quality assurance of deliveries and activities, that the project and each involved person must deploy.

Ensure quality at an early stage to avoid costly re-work later

Prevention is less costly than correction, which is less costly than a failure. Detecting a quality deviation at early stage is more likely using a tool like the Quality Management System as a systematic approach to control and assure quality in every step of the process. The system will make prevention and correction less challenging and less costly.

Added value to the project with focus on proactive planning and risk-based quality control

Focus on the requirements, needs, and expectations of owners, authorities, and other stakeholders - do pro-active planning of handling these requirements.

Identify critical issues from a risk perspective and direct the focus on quality activities accordingly.

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