Risk Management

Exploit opportunities and minimize threats

This system helps you keep an overview of all opportunities and threats. It ensures the staff and stakeholders have a common understanding of the risks, the process, and the responsibilities.

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The Risk Management system is about managing potential impacts in your organization or to your project, both positive and negative.

The system is a qualitative tool to help describe, log, and communicate risks. It enables users to retrieve relevant risks and mitigating actions. A user can add or edit with limited need for instructions.

The key elements in the process are to identify opportunities and threats, evaluate, prioritize and follow-up while updating the risk matrix and actions.

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The new Stavanger University Hospital

Sykehusbygg, which is the national agency for expertise in hospital planning and construction, and their Stavanger University Hospital building project in Stavanger, was one of our first pilot projects when adapting Pims to clients in the construction sector.

Bane NOR – putting Norway on rails

Bane NOR's mission is to ensure accessible railway infrastructure with efficient and user-friendly services. We have provided consultancy services and Omega products to their projects for several years.

Celebrating the opening of Johan Sverdrup field

The completion of Johan Sverdrup phase 1 is a complex job that requires interaction across many disciplines and departments. Omega provided the project with a digital project arena for interaction based on experiences from previous projects.

Involvement – Get everyone onboard

It should be easy for anyone to participate. That is why Risk Management is a web-based application which works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Risks are handled at the source, which means each natural team may focus on risks relevant for their area. The risks will be visible for the whole domain (project or organization), but may also become part of “Top Ten Risks”, and get the attention needed at a higher level. In that way the tool supports a “Bottom up approach”.

Communication and control

The tool will help prioritize and communicate risks. Further on the mitigation actions with tracking and full traceability of historical development of any risk.

The system is designed to be used as part of workshops and meetings to identify risks, assign responsibility, and track actions and development.

Risk Management can help you with questions like

  • Is the process happening with respect to assessment and mitigating actions?
  • Is it helping lowering threats and increasing opportunities?

Be pro-active and measure the quality of the process

The Risk Management system will provide you following helpful metrics on how to achieve pro-activeness and quality:

  • Risks where assessment is outdated
  • Newly identified risks that is not assessed
  • Risks missing mitigating actions

Introduction to Risk Management

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